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Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear Review


The wireless headphone has become one of the most sought-after music listening device in recent times. This is for the reason that they make available for a hassle-free music listening experience without giving you any trouble. Music is indeed one such part of our life that can never be left behind. It is truly one of the integral parts of our lives. To make the listening experience, exceptional MPOW has launched some of its most awaited wireless range of headphones that have been made with a lot of consideration from industry experts and sound engineers. The product aims to generate high clarity and distortion-free sound, and at the same time, it should be suitable for the ear. MPOW has been known in the music industry as a brand of premium equipment and quality products. If you get fascinated by calm and composed music, then here is a product designed and curated for you. It would be a perfect partner for you in all ups and downs of your life. Get to know about the product in this article.

MPOW range of headphones:

MPOW 059 Bluetooth headphones are a decent pair of headphones in a reasonable budget. Better build quality and satisfactory sound quality is offered, including a precise comfort. It has been designed to pump tunes which ensure minimum fuss. It provides a highly classic look due to its glossy finish and comes in many vibrant colours which give a two-tone colour scheme and are foldable, which are easy to carry. It's simple to adjust its arm's length. The MPOW 059 Bluetooth Headphones are durable as expected according to the price, which is made up of hard plastic. Unlike other features, it has effortless and straight forward accessories too, which makes it fall under the list of the excellent control scheme and hence tagged as an Amazon Bestseller with high demand. MPOW H5 noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones are one more model of headphones by MPOW. It has adopted a technology that cancels all that are likely to intrude in your music and creates a quieter environment and let you enjoy your music and movies during your journeys and can be the best companion to your loneliness during your stay or voyage. It can surely reduce the city traffic noise, commotion or plane cabin very effectively. It enables you to immerse auditory enjoyment even in a harshly noisy environment.

mpow 059 bluetooth headphones manual


  • Upgraded soft ear cushions

The earpads are made up of professional protein, and the ear cups can swivel up to 90 degrees. The headband is adjustable, which makes it more durable and comfortable. MPOW noise-cancelling headphones are lightweight and convenient to wear throughout the day. These air cushions will make available for a pleasant long listening hour with bothering your ears. You will love how these air cushions fit in its place. Now, all your long travel journey's will never be tedious when you have these upmarket headphones.

  • Battery life

It has 30 hrs. ultra-long battery which gives 30 hrs. of continuous playback, movies and even calls. When the battery drains entirely still can work by connecting the device with an audio cable. It is highly recommended to charge the device enough before heading out. So, that there won't be any situation when you have to cut off from your favourite music.

  • Superior deep base:

It is a pair of excellent deep base Bluetooth earphones over-ear. MPOW H5 noise-cancelling earphones over-ears use CSR Bluetooth chip and dual 40 mm, drivers. A CVC6.0 microphone guarantees facilitate the clear voice for hands-free calls. The actual base that comes out of every single pod will escalate the music listening experience to higher levels.

  • Durability:

The MPOW H5 noise-cancelling headphones have passed more than 10000+ bending tests, and the clamping system of the noise-cancelling headphones has been improved for more comfort and suitable for most size of the head. This product will last for ages if it is adequately taken care of. It is made from high-quality materials that will last long without getting damaged.

  • Hi-fi stereo wireless:

MPOW 059 Bluetooth headphones over-the-ear is a hi-fi stereo wireless headset. Its ultimate goal is to produce impressive sound quality. A 40mm neodymium driver, the round ear cushion and CSR Chip which provide benefits of a High- fidelity stereo sound. It makes available for a perfect mixture of great sound and listening experience too.

  • Foldable Headset:

The foldable design makes it more portable to carry. But they take somewhat an open space in the bag with a dimension of 5" length, 7" width and 3" height and with a total volume of 105 Cu. Inches, which isn't a vast area. Being foldable, it can be carried from one place to another with a significant amount of ease and convenience. As it takes very less place, you can make it anywhere you want.

  • Case:

They don't even come with an example, but they can be carried in a carrying pouch provided which can protect the earphones from even minor scratches but it won't protect those against drops or water damage or impact. You can get a storage case for the headphone to kept in a secured manner when not in use and also at the time of travelling from one place to another.

  • Soft Memory - Protein Ear Muffs:

These are an add on to the features of MPOW headphones which are meant to complement your comfort as these are ergonomically engineered. Soft memory Protein helps in protecting the ear as the muffs are made up of organic fabrics, which isn't harmful to the skin. Your ear is adequately taken care of by the device. It is every so often found that headphones happen to be the critical reason for irritation in the skin. But, with this state-of-the-art device, you will have no problem.

  • Mic Wired Mode PC/cell phone/TVs

It has been designed to work wirelessly for 20 hrs. even with continuous playback, call and movies in a single charge. After that, it can also be used in wired mode using the audio cable provided. These are compatible with PCs, cell phone and TVs.

  • Hands-free calling:

These Bluetooth headphones are convenient for hands-free calling. It has built-in microphone and control buttons which facilitate you to adjust volume, change track and to pick and end calls directly from your headphones. It is the best thing that can happen when you are already in a rush, or you are travelling and even during the hectic workdays. You can connect your mobile device with it and enjoy your calls without any hassle in the course of being outdoors.

  • Universal compatibility:

MPOW 059 wireless headphones are connected to the devices by Bluetooth. To Will need a Bluetooth transmitter separately to connect to a PC and TV. MPOW 059 Bluetooth V4.1 headphone provides a range up to 10m (33ft) and is compatible with almost all devices that enable Bluetooth. This device is designed to give you seamless connectivity. The powerful hardware component lets you connect to whichever method you want in just a matter of some seconds.

  • Package Accessories:

It comes with real decent, straight forward and simple accessories. It contains an MPOW 059 Bluetooth Headphones, a micro USB cable, a 3.5mm Audio Cable, a user manual, a carrying pouch and a packing box. You certainly get all that's required in the course of the usage of the device. You don't need to purchase any more peripherals for the product.

Advantages of MPOW 059 Bluetooth headphones over other products

  1. Its a foldable feature of this pair of headphones makes it handy to carry, which is the best thing that can happen to any music lover. It has been average rated as a companion for a sportsperson. It doesn't occupy a large area, and these headphones are not easily fragile.
  2. Though they don't provide a case to carry it comes with a good quality carrying bag which protects them from every major and minor scratch. However, protection from external impact and water isn't guaranteed. The headphone is prone to getting dirty with usage. So, you need to give a considerable amount of effort to keep it super clean and maintained. If it is not managed correctly, then the pores may get blocked, the sound output may decrease with time. And it is a matter of fact, that you would never want something like this to happen.
  3. The soft memory protein earmuffs compliment their features as these are made up of delicate fabrics which ensures complete safety and comfort of the user. These muffs enhance the grip of the headphones to feet properly over ears.
  4. It is a boon to them who do multitasking, as once charged ultimately, it can undergo a continuous playback up to 20 hrs. continuously, which is worth for money, as per the budget. It has a durable battery life.
  5. Complimenting these benefits, even when these run out of battery, can be used by getting connected with other devices through a wired connection using the audio cable provided. In wired mode, these are compatible with TVs, PCs and mobiles.
  6. Its hands-free calling feature gives one more advantage when, calls can be received and disconnect using the headphones itself, the volume can be operated, and tracks can also be changed using the given buttons.
  7. Its universal compatibility makes it easy to get operated from a particular distance. From a range of 10m that is 33 feet, it can be produced and can also be connected to TV and PCs using a Bluetooth transmitter separately.
  8. The provided operation manual makes it easy for a layperson to use it properly. It has countable accessories which are easy to maintain. It has a chargeable battery which can be charged again and again after getting drained. The battery also makes available for an extended playback with a single charge.

It always stands out in comparison:

Both of them are foldable, which makes both of them potable. MPOW H5 cancels more noise as compared to MPOW 059, MPOW H5 is more resistant to external forces as compared to MPOW 059. Earmuffs of both the headsets come with professional protein, which enhances the grip. MPOW 059 gives 20 hrs. of continuous playback whereas MPOW H5 gives 30 hrs. of constant playback. Still, 20hrs are not a short period. Both can be operated using the provided buttons on the headphone, such as changing track and volume level and picking or ending a call. Both are connected to devices via Bluetooth wireless, but when the battery drains thoroughly can be combined with wired mode with tools such as phones, PCs and TVs. Both of these models enable hands-free calling and also, they come with manuals, which makes it easy for a layperson to operate these headphones.

mpow 059 bluetooth headphones frequency response


The MPOW 059 is one of the bestsellers online. It has been marked with a good grade for all of its features. They have an easy-to-use and efficient control scheme and are not easily breakable. Especially for casual listeners, they have an adequate audio reproduction, especially at their budget. It is one of the best-recommended earphones with an affordable budget. It has also been average rated for sports. Like other ear overs, they also don't get heated up that easily. If you are a keen music lover, then you can quickly get one of these pair of headphones for your day to day use. It would undoubtedly be a great partner in all your chores and leisure times. It is available in all major e-commerce stores over the internet. You can choose from the zillions of products and place an order for the same and get it delivered at your doorstep in no time. You can also move through some of the local stores who deal with these peripherals.

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